The series “REVIVE” is based on the records of daily life and meals before and after stomach surgery in 2019. It features two images of before and after the meal,  arranged together in one painting. Photos of every breakfast, lunch and supper were taken during hospitalisation before and after the surgery. Then I have processed the photos into mosaics, extracted colours from them, and faithfully painted dots with it. Diptych style of painting and palette in 2020, and triptych style of three types of painting are adopted in 2021.

* Refer to | 2020-21 WORKs | for more information about the “diptych” works.

Strictly speaking, I do not want the viewers to understand what is depicted, but I chose the motif from the streets and landscapes I actually walked and the actual experiences of mine, in order to show “what depicted is something that is in close contact with the artist’s real life (= world = landscape)”. It has been a consistent theme since around 2014.


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“REVIE” Farewell Dinner 20:06 21/01/2020 (mix) (paint) (depict)

In my creating process, the recorded photos of the scenery are digitally and automatically processed into mosaic. Then I try to reproduce the colour faithfully with analogue using paints. This is the work that comes to the centre. I use another canvas as a palette to mix and create colours for painting. This creates an unconscious, innocent body of work of “mixing colour”, and another pure body of work of “painting colour”. The third one is produced to see if we can redefine the word “depict”, while focusing on the single aspect as extracting colour from the landscape, and it ends up forming a triptych.

I try disassembling the elements and focusing on only simple ones, in a painting in which various elements are intertwined. In addition, I create a simple structure consisting of only cloth and paint to reexamine the fundamentals of painting. It’s like a scientist/chemist pursuing something. It could be a fundamental research of art. 

I think there is something that stands out when you leave out the superfluous elements, even your personal feelings. It may be the meaning and interest of landscape painting, personality and physicality of the artist.

I want people to be aware of the relationship between the cloth and the paint itself and the fun of it, apart from applying white foundation. What’s conveyed is how the substances, as the main actors, be and appear, and the quiet words spun by them. And from there, the personality of the artist herself may come out.

The phenomenon is subtle. Because it’s such subtle, I believe that I can create a time and space that elicits the viewer’s sensitivity.







01/12/2022 わにぶちみき
REVIVE” “REVIVE” Relieved Outside 12:39 29/11/2019 (mix) (paint) (depict)

“REVIVE” Usual Breakfast 08:44 15/11/2019 (mix) (paint) (depict) / 22×27.5x4cm triptych / 2021
“REVIVE” Usual Lunch 13:44 13/11/2019 (mix) (paint) (depict) / 22×27.5x4cm triptych / 2021
“REVIVE” Farewell Dinner 20:06 21/01/2020 (mix) (paint) (depict) / 27.5×27.5x4cm triptych / 2022
“REVIVE” Usual Dinner 19:49 15/11/2019 (mix) (paint) (depict) / 27.5×27.5x4cm triptych / 2022
“REVIVE” Relieved Outside 12:39 29/11/2019 (mix) / 80x80x5cm triptych / 2022
“REVIVE” Relieved Outside 12:39 29/11/2019 (paint) / 80x80x5cm triptych / 2022
“REVIVE” Relieved Outside 12:39 29/11/2019 (depict) / 80x80x5cm triptych / 2022