“Fukumoto-ke House, March 2021”
“Fukumoto-ke House, August 2022”

05 – 12 November 2022, “Gakuenmae Art Festa”, the former Fukumoto-ke House, Nara

For the occasion of exhibiting at the Gakuenmae Art Festa in Nara, I chose the motif from the scenery seen through the windows of the Japanese room in the former Fukumoto-ke house, which I was asked to exhibit. This 50 to 60 year old Japanese room was filled with rectangular patterns on screen doors, glass windows, and sliding doors. I thought rhythmic “squares” of different sizes had made it a very interesting space. I felt it would be a great space to exhibit square canvases.

I decided to display two sets of large and small square pieces, which were based on the “large rectangle” and the “small rectangle” of screen doors and glass windows to show the difference in resolution of your views. Unexpectedly, due to the effects of the COVID-19, the Gakuenmae Art Festa was postponed for 2 years, so I decided to make the landscape of the first preview in March 2021 be painted into a large rectangular works, and the landscape of the second preview in August 2022 into a small rectangular works.

I use the recent style of making triptychs (mix) (paint) (depict), with processing the photos into mosaics in digital way and painting the extracted colours by analogue.

05/11/2022 Miki Wanibuchi




05/11/2022 わにぶちみき

Fukumoto-ke, March 2021 (mix) (paint) (depict) / 130x130x4.5cm / 2022
Fukumoto-ke, August 2022 (mix) (paint) (depict) / 19x19x3.5cm / 2022

Photo by Akio Chamoto ( Photo #01 – #03 )