your FUKEI|I’ll make a piece with your “scenery”

Miki Wanibuchi focuses on one aspect of landscape painting: extracting colours from landscapes. In recent years, she has produced a triptych series of abstract paintings which are divided into three more elements: “mix”, “paint”, and “depict”.

She came to this style because she finds it delightful that a work which does not appear to be a landscape painting at first sight could create a conversation among the people who see it, as well as an imagination.

Whether you’re watching alone or with someone else, why not create a good time to unwind your mind and head while thinking about the landscape on the other side of the piece? I will make three paintings from your memorable landscape photos.

“あなたの風景で” 作品を制作します





・We will ask you to prepare one photo that you want as a base material.
・A pixel grid is automatically created from your photo material, which becomes the colour palette for the work.
・We will suggest a canvas colour to match the generated colour palette and the interior of your room.
・Starting from about 27.5×27.5cm (10x10in), we will discuss about the size which fits your room. It’s based on the current triptych series, so the final product will be a set of three same size.
・The size of dots (resolution) will be according to the size of the work.
・Painting area will have an aspect ratio based on the photo material.
 (We will hear your demand about the shape itself for the piece.)



・Once you have confirmed the above, we will begin to make your pieces. Please note that further creation and results (especially “depict”) will be left to Miki Wanibuchi.



・Starting from ¥165,000 ($1,290) for three pieces of 27.5×27.5cm (10x10in), we will hear about your budget and preferences. When you feel satisfied with the “PREPARATION,” please pay the total amount. We will then start making.
・Upon completion of the work, you will be asked to provide the shipping address and transfer the shipping cost.
・We can frame your pieces for an extra fee.



Please feel free to contact us via the CONTACT FORM first.