Uzurano Airfield Remains Art Project “[ HANAMUKE / TAMUKE ]”

12 – 13 December 2020, “Uzurano Airfield Remains Art Project vol.2”, The ruins of machine gun seat & bomb bay, Kasai-city Hyogo

I was invited to exhibit at the Uzurano Airfield Remains Art Project. I made a pair of artworks, [HANAMUKE] using the ruins of machine gun seat and [TAMUKE] using the ruins of bomb storage. It was an installation which focuses on the thoughts of those who are left behind, who may have seen off their fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, lovers, and friends on their way to the battlefield.

I asked a trumpeter and dancer to perform an improvisation inspired by the history of the place and the artwork. It was a series of artwork that hopes to create a dialogue between the history and story of this place and the people who visit here or who didn’t know about it, using artworks and performances as medium.

[HANAMUKE] was created with feelings like “I want to stop him to go” or “I want to finish the war”, and recreated the machine gun which used to be set up here based on historical materials. By wrapping it with a white cloth like a bandage, I tried expressing “to hold them back”, or feelings of never using it again. [TAMUKE] was created with sands (powder) coloured in cherry blossoms, which I got inspired by the cherry tree planted next to the storage and by the keyword of bombs. It was regarded as an altar of sorts to see them off, and to reflect on their history.

13/12/2020 Miki Wanibuchi

[ HANAMUKE ] at one of the ruins of machine gun seat
[ TAMUKE ] at the ruins of bomb bay




13/12/2020 わにぶちみき

I expressed a huge thanks to those who took part in our performances and tours on 12th and 13rd December. There were more people coming than I expected and our artwork, including the performances, could make a big impact on those who witnessed it I believe.

We had some conversations with people, and I felt they seemed to receive a lot from the site with our artwork. This could be the success that we made them remember and think about the history and story about the war.

The core concept was a little heavy, however, we thought art could do more about connecting people to place, history and the others.

It was a precious days sharing this beautiful time here at the site or beyond the screen while live streaming. And I would like to express my gratitude again to my dear trumpeter and dancer, and to all who supported us for this meaningful opportunity.




“鶉野飛行場跡アートプロジェクト” 第2弾





[ HANAMUKE / TAMUKE ] [はなむけたむけ] / Size variable / 2020

Artwork and Direction : Miki Wanibuchi
Music : Christopher Fryman
Dancer : Bridget Scott

Shooting : Shusaku Jo, Chris Sampedro, Atsuko Maehata
Video Editing : Kotaro Ohara

Organizer : Kasai City Tourism and Town Development Association
Manager: NPO J-heritage
Coordinator : NPO Geiho
Support : Satake Stonemason Ltd.