Prize winners’ Exhibition “Stay beyond (the boundary)”

28 January – 29 March 2017, Sapporo Odori 500m Underground Walkway Gallery, Sapporo (Suponsor : Sappro City, Producer : CAI – Contemporary Art Institute)

This series collected the colours of the scenery while walking around the Kaohsiung city in Taiwan. I chose the motif from the streets and landscapes I actually walked and the activities of the people in those cities, in order to show “what depicted is something that is in close contact with the artist’s real life (= world = landscape)”. I used the digital way of processing the pictures into mosaics, then the analogue way of painting it with extracted colours using paints. 

At the Prize Winners’ Exhibition of Sapporo Odori 500m Underground Walkway Gallery, I focused on this gallery’s property of linear space, I presented an exhibition plan to encourage the experience of “trying to know” the real scenery while allowing the viewer to follow the artist’s “walking” action and thought process. I thought this straight path, not the white cube, would be suitable for the physical and mental transfer of the viewer to follow the decomposition process from the landscape to colour.

29/03/2017 Miki Wanibuchi



29/03/2107 わにぶちみき



500m美術館 端聡

Photo by CAI