“Touch the boundary”

11 – 23 October 2014, Contemporary Art Gallery Zone, Osaka

For the occasion of my solo show, this series collected the colours of the scenery while walking around in the old market (Sakurai Ichiba) where the gallery is located. I chose the motif from the streets and landscapes I actually walked and the activities of the people in those cities, in order to show “what depicted is something that is in close contact with the artist’s real life (= world = landscape)”. I used the digital way of processing the pictures into mosaics, then the analogue way of painting it with extracted colours using paints.

Finally, it was used in an artwork painted on three sides of the walls of the gallery, which is opened in a U-shape with no wall on one side to the street. This action of painting was recorded in a video, and the walls were covered in white at the end before opening the exhibition.

With each wall as a boundary (= contact point), this installation work is designed to allow visitors to view the scenery on the other side of the boundary by comparing it with the actual market using their memories, imagination, and images. It attempts to highlight the viewer’s imagination and ability to guess the other side by covering most of the work in white with as little explanatory elements as possible. This idea was adopted in his works from about 2014 to 2017.

11/10/2014 Miki Wanibuchi



11/10/2014 わにぶちみき
Touch the boundary, North
Touch the boundary, South
Touch the boundary, Private Zone
Making View, “Touch the boundary”, 03 October 2014, Contemporary Art Gallery Zone, Osaka

Touch the boundary, North – South – Private Zone / Size variable / 2014

Photo by Go Murahigashi ( Photo #07 )