“Touch the boundary”

For the occasion of my solo show “Touch the boundary”, this series collected the colours of the scenery while walking around in the old market (Sakurai Ichiba) where the gallery is located. I chose the motif from the streets and landscapes I actually walked and the activities of the people in those cities, in order to show “what depicted is something that is in close contact with the artist’s real life (= world = landscape)”. I used the digital way of processing the pictures into mosaics, then the analogue way of painting it with extracted colours using paints. Finally, it was used in an artwork painted on canvases, which were all covered in white at the end.

I think it is not so easy to truly know others, and we need imagination to understand that we are all different. In my recent works, people may feel that they cannot find any detailed explanations in the paintings, mostly covered with white, with the exception of a subtle hint of colour and texture, emerging from underneath or at the edges of the canvas. The white surface represents the abandonment of images and emotions of the artist and my intention is to make the viewer perceive the physical aspects of paint and canvas. The main concept is to allow the viewer to look beyond the white surface, in other words, to look closer at what is in between the canvas as an object and the image an artist would normally paint. I would like the viewer to pay attention to where the artist’s intention and evidence are hidden.

In recent society, our senses seem to have been become dulled; however, I believe that the silence in the pared-down painting leaves the viewer to hone their thinking and imagination in confronting this vagueness. An aesthetic may result from this, leading us to try to know others and the world, and as a result, I feel we will find a power in our pursuit to gently heal the world.

個展「Touch the boundary」の開催にあたり、ギャラリーの入る古い市場(桜井市場)内をあるいて風景の色を収集したシリーズ。「そこに描かれるものは作者のリアルと密接に触れている事柄(=世界=風景)である」ということを示すためのモチーフを、わたし自身が実際に歩いた街や風景、その街の人々の営みから選択している。素材写真をデジタルでモザイク処理し、アナログの絵の具で色を描き出す手法を用いている。桜井市場で集めた色をキャンバスに絵の具で重ね、白くおおい隠した作品。

本来「知る」こととはそんなに簡単なものではなく、自分と「ちがう」ことを理解するためには想像力が必要ではないでしょうか。白の隙間からのぞく色、下からにじみ出すテクスチャ、キャンバスのエッジに残る色の重なりの痕跡。通常わたしの作品では、観る人のまず期待するであろう画面中央にはただ真っ白なことしか提示されていません。作家の情緒の不在、イメージの再現を手放したわけですが、それは絵の具とキャンバスというオブジェクトとしての側面を意識させようとする意図があるからです。そして白い面の向こう側、言い換えれば表面とキャンバス枠との間にクローズアップさせていく。作品のなかにわずかに残るヒントを集めて、オブジェクトから “絵”となるまでの境界に込められた作家の意識と意図と根拠を、観る人に想像してもらいたい。


03/03/2015 わにぶちみき

Touch the boundary, Private Zone / 130x130x5cm
Touch the boundary, North / 20x20x4cm 10x10x3.5cm
Touch the boundary, South / 20x20x4cm 10x10x3.5cm
Touch the boundary, Private Zone / 20x20x4cm 10x10x3.5cm

RED, BLUE AND ROUND / 32x42x3cm framed
Untitled / 32x42x3cm framed