Solo Exhibition “Stay beyond (the boundary)”

15 June – 18 October 2017, Avignon Restaurant x Gallery, Taoyuen [TAIWAN]
艾維農 歐風素食×藝文書廊/桃園[台湾]

I was given a chance to exhibit in a restaurant gallery in Taiwan. All the works I brought were the KAOHSIUNG series which were based on the landscape in Kaohsiung in Taiwan. It was a great opportunity to bond me and this region that I could bring the colours of Kaohsiung back to here.


2016年 Miki 在高雄旅行時,被南島的人文風景觸動,她把這一份感動轉化在作品裡。她的畫布正面被白色顏料佈滿,側面是一層一層彩色顏料堆疊。她邀請觀眾運用想像力來猜測她所見到的風景。 

「將我們相隔在兩端的地平線(日語:境界線,也可以指為界線),就像皮膚一樣意味著彼此之間是沒辦法完全相同。我們期待著你能發揮著想像力去瞭解,當你真正的察覺到這條”地平線”的時候,希望你可以回想起來,所謂賦予在想像力的人身上這般美麗的能力。」鰐渕未来 筆。 

1981年出生於日本大阪,目前定居大阪。2012年從英國伯恩茅斯藝術大學藝術創作研究所畢業後,在2016年以《高雄系列》贏得第五屆札幌500公尺美術館首獎,同時也活躍地參加日本與國際間的許多聯展、個展和藝術博覽會。 2017年6月將要帶著《高雄系列》回到臺灣,回到帶給這位日本藝術家啓發的地方。


在呈現著白色的彼端,有著藝術家本身看到的景色,而你卻無法以視覺方式見到作者本身所見過的風景,但我們 希望你能嘗試著去瞭解體會藝術家她對於這幅風景色彩的剖析過程。我們期待著你能發揮著想像力去瞭解,並非自己,而是某人所見到的這幅真正的景色。



わたしの表現の目的は、人が人を理解すること、すなわち他人(ひと)は自分とは違うということを知り受け入れる ことを、観る人との間で相互に再認識すること。


タッチパネルに触る指先ひとつで何でも簡単に知(った気にな)れる時代になりました。しかし、わたしたちは本当の意味で世界(あなた)を見ることができているのかと、わたしは問うていきたい。おたがいを知り受け入れ合うために、その第一歩である「境界線に気づくこと」を作品をとおして示したい。あなたがその境界線に気づいたとき、その向こう側を想像するという人に本来与えられた美しい能力が思い出されるはずです。人が世界とありのままで受け入れ合える やさしい未来をむかえるために、わたしは境界をあるきつづけます。

The boundary line that lies between us is like the skin that tells us we can never be completely identical. I believe it is like the horizon. Even if we thought we reached out and touched it with our hand we could not go the other side of the line. But that’s alright. This is because knowing should not be such an easy thing.

The purpose of my expression is to reaffirm understanding people, or knowing and accepting that others are different from oneself.

The white surface is supposed to be the boundary line which is the point of contact between oneself and others (=the world). In the far off boundary line shown in white, there is a landscape seen by the artist. You would not truly know the things seen by the artist in the real meaning. However, I want you to try and follow the process of deconstructing each colour of the scenery as if tracing the artist’s thoughts. Hopefully, then you will be able to get a little closer to the view I saw. I think this may be an illustration of “understanding”.

It’s the period like you can feel like you know everything easily just by swiping the touchscreen. However, I want to question whether we really see the world (=you) in a true sense. In order to know and accept each other, I would like to show the first step “noticing the boundary” through my artwork. When you notice it, it would remind you of the true beauty of the ability granted to human, such as power of imagination to try seeing beyond the boundary. I will continue to pursue the boundary, so that people can greet the world and the calm, kind future, which is embraced in whatever form it comes.


Photo by
Gu Lang ( photo #01 – #23 )