“IMA-MUKASHI, beyond the time”

09 – 23 March 2019, “YAMAGEI – the Hyogo Mine and Road Art Festival”, Thickener at Mikobata Mining Station ruins, Asago-city Hyogo

I joined the “YAMAGEI the Mines and Roads Art Festival” at around the Japan Heritage “Gin no Bashamichi and Koseki no Michi” in Hyogo. The places I was asked for exhibiting could be called “ruins”, which are Mikobata Mining Station ruins and a gym of the former Mikobata Junior School. Contrary to how they looks, the energy of this place was overwhelming when I visited for preliminary inspection. How far can I face this place across time and space? I felt it was a turning point that could broaden my horizon, so I asked them to let me exhibit it in both places. It was my first experience to make outdoor site-specific installation.

I covered the thickener with a white cloth which was used as a boundary line, and also the windows of gym of the former Mikobata Junior School as a boundary, I created the works as a trigger to reflect on the past of this town. How does it look like to our eyes and sound like to our ears now? This is an installation work that aims to reconnect the city and people who get involved in, placing the boundary between “now” where the viewers stand and “past” where this place flourished.

23/03/2019 Miki Wanibuchi



23/03/2019 わにぶちみき

神子畑選鉱場跡 百尺シックナー

IMA-MUKASHI, beyond the time. / Size variable / 2019 / Non-woven fabric

Photo by
Yohei Maehata( Photo 01 – 02 )
Yukitsune Kitano( Photo 03 )