“IMA-MUKASHI, beyond the time”, Commemorative Works

“YAMAGEI – the Hyogo Mine and Road Art Festival”, Gym at the former Mikobata Junior School, Asago-city Hyogo

On the official last day of YAMAGEI the Mine and Road Art Festival, the finale happened to be the projection of Akira Hasegawa’s digital hanging scroll work at the site of the Mikobata Mining Station ruins where I exhibited my work. You will never be able to see my shape-shifting “soft sculpture” work exhibited here though, I think that’s one of the beauty aspect of site-specific contemporary art. And, the exhibition at the gym of former Mikobata Junior School has been extended to the Mikobata Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday the 13th April, the following month, courtesy of the local community.

Contrary to the clear weather and full bloom of the cherry blossom in the festival the day before, the day of the carryout was a heavy rain that rustled with emotion and loneliness. I peeled each piece out of the window as if to break my obsession, looking vaguely at the smoky schoolyard through the broken window. Putting the corners together and gently binding them, the storm that comes and goes was getting to be a few millimetres thick like mishearing. It was a lively day yesterday and the day long time ago here. Standing in the middle of nowhere, I thought it might be just a matter of making my empty body a device and connecting them.

On the day of the Cherry Blossom Festival, the daughter of a local person who had been watching over me since the day of the production was returning home after a long time. She was a graduate of the former Mikobata Junior School and was one of the students who drew on the stone monument, which I used as the motif of my work. We were connected through my work here over decades. It was the moment that everything that I had been eager to do as an artist “pursuing the boundary” was connected.

Thanks to their kindness, I left two commemorative works. They are installed inside the gym, using remains of the doors that once protected this gym are used as the frames. It may not be seen by anyone, but its presence here gives the gym its place again. A building that has gained a role will surely stop the deterioration there. 

If you ever come here, I hope you’ll look through the glass. If you got interested in these industrial heritages and contemporary art, I might have played the role of a contemporary artist by creating works.

13/04/2019 Miki Wanibuchi

「鉱山と道の芸術祭」の公式最終日、奇しくもわたしが作品を展示した神子畑選鉱場跡での長谷川章さんのデジタル掛け軸作品の投影をもってフィナーレとなりました。神子畑選鉱場跡シックナーに制作した形の変化する「やわらかい彫刻」作品は、もう二度とみることはできません。さみしくもありますが、それがサイトスペシフィックな現代美術作品の良さかなとも思います。また、旧神子畑小学校 体育館跡での展示は、地域のご厚意で翌月4月13日(土)の神子畑桜祭りまで期間を延長していただくこととなりました。

前日の桜祭りの、快晴と満開の桜とは一転して、搬出の日は感動と寂しさがざあざあと音をたてる大雨。割れた窓から煙る校庭をぼんやりと見ながら、執着を切るように一枚一枚窓から紙を剥がしました。角をあわせて静かにとじていけば、去来する嵐もすんーー、と厚さ数ミリの空耳と成る。にぎやかだった きのう、それから、むかし。どちらでもない場所に立つわたしは空っぽの身体を装置のようにしてそれらを繋ぐだけかもしれない、と思ったのです。




13/04/2019 わにぶちみき

旧神子畑小学校 体育館跡

IMA-MUKASHI, beyond the time. / Size variable / 2019 / Screen-printing on non-woven fabric, found doors