This white surface is supposed to be the boundary which separates you and the other side of the plane. What you would see beyond it could be the cosmos or just layers of paint, and this should be a truth of your own. I think what you see is something constructed by piles of experiences and the imagination acting on it.

We enjoy enormous amounts of internet information through a touch screen these days. It sometimes makes me feel frightened of the attitude that we easily think as if we know the entire world. Everyone may construct his or her own biased ‘truth’ by accepting this huge amount of information, which can be true or false. It’s true that we have become better at realising what happens in the world, however, is the world really beyond the screen? When we accumulate our experience by walking on our feet, touching with our hands and feeling with our skin, we would be able to answer that question.

For this exhibition, the key to the works is in a single question posed by a little girl at my feet. “What’s the colour of a firefly?” There should not be an exact answer for it, but rather it should be easy to relate for those who have the same experience of “watching fireflies”. I believe that a room for imagination occurs in such a silent pared down painting. I expect my works could have a function to evoke people’s memory. It is not important for you to know what I see, but I wish you could remember your answer within yourself, while confronting the paintings.

White, which covered the plane represents lights which reflect all the colours. If I return everything to you, what comes up, and starts making your new truth? I hope the truth consisted of facts and the imagination could have a power to gently heal the world.

11/09/2013 Miki Wanibuchi





11/09/2013 わにぶちみき

Early Summer 2013-11 / 75x75x3cm / 2013
Early Summer 2013-05 / 75x75x3cm / 2013
TANESASHI 2013-01 / 15x15x3cm / 2013
TANESASHI 2013-02 / 03 / 15x15x3cm / 2013
TANESASHI 2013-04 / 15x15x3cm / 2013
TANESASHI 2013-05 / 15x15x3cm / 2013
TANESASHI 2013-06 / 15x15x3cm / 2013
TANESASHI 2013-09 / 08 / 07 / 15x15x3cm / 2013
TANESASHI 2013-11 / 40x40x3cm / 2013
IWAKI 2013-05 / 40x40x3cm / 2014
Beyond 02 / 60x60x3cm / 2014