Inspired by the horizons of Bournemouth beach and the New Forest|水平線と地平線

I am drawn to go to see the horizon many times over, and often paint it in my paintings. Waves roar and clouds run fast now and then, however, it becomes silent when each of these comes close to each other. I think I see myself beyond the line dispassionately, listening to the unconsciousness, and make it revealed. As a result, I can make myself aware of who I am and how I exist in this world.

The line seems to be the boundary between each of us and the outside world. Both the world and oneself could be defined by capturing the line, nevertheless, it is like the horizon which disappears when we reached it. Who can perceive the world precisely?

By coming into the small closed space, I would expect the viewer to get involved in the atmosphere and confront himself or herself. The subtle interaction of the bleeding acrylic colours, which can be seen in the painting, represents the passage of time on the surface. To follow it silently, time for the viewer to look at the boundary line would occur. It could help them to look at the personal side to know what is going on around them in their own world.

We are here living our lives, always estimating the ‘distance’ between ourselves and the world, and there should be an interrelation for better or worse. The boundary line could be liminal, or just like the skin which distinguishes between inside and outside of body. It won’t be able to become clear, but it is obvious that we walk on the line consciously and unconsciously.

15/05/2012 Miki Wanibuch





15/05/2012 わにぶちみき