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  • 1827 days.

    1827 days have been passed.
    The same sky is still there, looking down on us.

    It was good to feel chilly today, because when it gets warmer, and flowers smell more, memory of the days after the earthquake woul… ▸Read more

  • liminal – 識閾(しきいき)

    “Human and the world are said to be improved spirally.”

    Said my dad when I, half irritated, was to feel down to see my life not being changed at all after a long tough study time in the UK. It was ab… ▸Read more

  • 0311 – The day has come.

    It’s been one year since the big earthquake attacked Tohoku area in Japan.  To be honest, I can’t remember what I did for a few weeks, or a few months after the earthquake.  T… ▸Read more

  • Interview about the memory of… the earthquake

    Had an interview by a student photojournalist P A Thomas from Bournemouth University.
    It’s been nearly one year now, but the fear and sorrow in my mind is still clear.  I was in Osaka, wh… ▸Read more

  • DORRIDGE our home

    If I was in Japan, many could have changed in fourteen years, but here in West Midlands, sky, atmosphere, smell, sound and even my memory hasn’t changed. I just feel our village got a little bit small… ▸Read more