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  • Interview about the memory of… the earthquake

    Had an interview by a student photojournalist P A Thomas from Bournemouth University.
    It’s been nearly one year now, but the fear and sorrow in my mind is still clear.  I was in Osaka, wh… ▸Read more

  • ‘Wish This Was…’ Exhibition @ Grove Studio

    Visited the preview at Grove Studio, which is at Seabourne Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth. Always admire one of my Japanese friend’s positive attitude to everything. There’s little tim… ▸Read more

  • Studio 3

    Finally got my space in the Studio in University, it’s already the second phase though. (There are too many students to have enough space for each, even if I am the MA student…!) To have own spa… ▸Read more

  • Hengistbury Head

    Sometimes I forget to go out, staying inside to make myself work too hard.  The reason for my life is there near the sky, sea, wind, air, and my precious friends.  Thank my friend for taking me here.

     … ▸Read more

  • Routine solitary exhibition journey to London

    Christ Church Spitalfield to see Rebecca Hind’s triptych of water colour paintings.

    肌を刺す寒さとグレイな空模様のロンドンで、Christ Church Spitalfieldを… ▸Read more

  • DORRIDGE our home

    If I was in Japan, many could have changed in fourteen years, but here in West Midlands, sky, atmosphere, smell, sound and even my memory hasn’t changed. I just feel our village got a little bit small… ▸Read more

  • BM&AG + Ikon Gallery in Birmingham

    Lavish time in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, where I could see TEN drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, for free admission. We can never ever see such a famous art work for free in Japan, even if there are on… ▸Read more

  • Set making assistant

    Great opportunity to experience set making today. I went to Uni early in the morning to help my Japanese friend, who majors in BA costume design. She is actually doing set making, not making costumes. I spe… ▸Read more

  • Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth

    I met a curator from Aspex Gallery at the lecture.  She gave me a good advice, but at the same time I found it difficult to become “someone” in the UK. To be honest, it is too competitive! It will … ▸Read more

  • Project 1

    I have finished the first project at MA course.
    It was a great opportunity to think about myself, concept and subject matter,
    I spent a long time struggling though.

    Added the final diptych and poems, inclu… ▸Read more