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  • 【Video work】Seventeen Leaf Scenery ( Irimajiri-Ke ), 《十七葉の風景》

    The artwork which showed at the group show “HAIKUxART exhibition” is now uploaded on Vimeo. Wish the subtle concept of mine could be communicated to you. Please take a look, t… ▸Read more

  • liminal – 識閾(しきいき)

    “Human and the world are said to be improved spirally.”

    Said my dad when I, half irritated, was to feel down to see my life not being changed at all after a long tough study time in the UK. It was ab… ▸Read more

  • Who pursues the boundary.

    Well, the artist Miki Wanibuchi, who pursues the boundary and distance, does not make her work to console herself but to make it like a trigger for you as a viewer to perceive the boundary. Despite the fact t… ▸Read more

  • “Beyond 02” was sold at Love Art Fair in Tront.

    One of my works called “Beyond 02” was sold at Love Art Fair in Tront to a lady lives in Canada. What a refined taste she has! I am proud of my work, which fits this lovely white wall in a silent room… ▸Read more

  • “ART FAIR TOKYO 2015”

    ART FAIR TOKYO 2015 has ended last weekend with a lot of encounters and study during four days.  Thanks so much for those who came to speak to me, it was really nice to communicate my thoughts, and to discuss … ▸Read more

  • Sakura

    “The transience of the blossoms, the extreme beauty and quick death, has often been associated with mortality” (Wikipedia, 2012)

    It is partially true, but we have high regard for Sakura fo… ▸Read more

  • Interview about the memory of… the earthquake

    Had an interview by a student photojournalist P A Thomas from Bournemouth University.
    It’s been nearly one year now, but the fear and sorrow in my mind is still clear.  I was in Osaka, wh… ▸Read more

  • Studio 3

    Finally got my space in the Studio in University, it’s already the second phase though. (There are too many students to have enough space for each, even if I am the MA student…!) To have own spa… ▸Read more

  • Project 1

    I have finished the first project at MA course.
    It was a great opportunity to think about myself, concept and subject matter,
    I spent a long time struggling though.

    Added the final diptych and poems, inclu… ▸Read more