【Exhibition Ended】Prize Winners’ Exhibition at Sapporo Odori 500-m Underground Walkway Gallery/第5回札幌500m美術館賞グランプリ展

【Exhibition ended】
The exhibition lasted about two months ended when the spring (which is still cold enough for Osakan people) came in Sapporo. Big thanks to all of you who saw me and my works, and who helped me installing and taking down. It was a wonderful opportunity to have a good experience and great encounters, and I promise I will come again to Sapporo one day.

Next plan I have at the moment is a show in Taoyuan, Taiwan from June to October.
The works with the theme “KAOHSIUNG” is going back to where they were born. I just wonder how people in Taiwan would see those. More information will be coming soon, so check your schedule and make new plan to go on holidays to Taiwan this summer!


Stay beyond (the boundary)

The boundary line that lies between us is like the skin that tells us we can never be completely identical. I believe it is like the horizon. Even if we thought we reached out and touched it with our hand we could not go the other side of the line. But that’s alright. That’s because knowing should not be such an easy thing.

I aim to find the point of contact between oneself and the world (=the other), and by walking and depicting the boundary line I try to let the viewers feel “in between”. In the far off boundary line shown in white, there is a landscape seen by the artist. You would not truly know the things seen by the artist in the real meaning. However, I want you to try and follow the process of deconstructing each colour of the scenery as if tracing the artist’s thoughts. Hopefully your imagination will work as it tries to understand the true landscape seen by someone other than yourself.

When you notice the boundary line, I want to recall the true beauty of the ability granted to human, this power of imagination. So that people can greet the world and the calm, kind future, which is embraced in whatever form it comes.

Miki Wanibuchi

the 5th Art Award of
Sapporo Odori 500-m Underground Walkway Gallery
Prize Winners’ Exhibition
Sat 28 Jan – Wed 29 Mar 2017





Stay beyond (the boundary)





第5回 500m美術鑑賞 グランプリ展
2017.01.28 sat. – 03.29 wed.
札幌大通地下ギャラリー 500m美術館