Walking in Minoh no Mori Project

"Minoh no Mori Artwalk" 2-12 September 2015, Minoh Park and Facilities on Takimichi (Osaka)

At the Minoh no Mori Artwalk 2015 (2-12 September at Minoh Park and facilities on Takimichi), I did “painting” in a broad sense, regarding the whole forest. I collected the colours, walking the Minoh no Mori (the Minoh forest), and restored them to a large canvas of the forest through my labour – this was the subject matter. Aesthetics would be (re-)discovered through the place Minoh; and a journey to “know” it was what I would like to depict and express here. The body of work should make the viewer experience for themselves what I have conveyed subtly in the tracks at the edges of canvas, such as the extent of time and world. It is what forms after the artist walks in and touches the Minoh no Mori (the Minoh forest), and what you see beyond your gaze. Both of us might be able to (re-)discover the attraction of Minoh, our internal beauty, or re-recognition of each of us. I wanted to make the body of work comprehensively as pure aethetics, consisting in the world realised in the viewer’s perception, when you really stepped in and touched.



箕面という土地をとおして( 再)発見される美、それを「知る」旅。いままでキャンバスのエッジにわずかに表れていた行為の痕跡の、その時間と世界の広さを、実際に箕面の森で観る人に追体験してもらう作品にしたいと考えました。箕面の森を歩くこと、触ることを通してうまれるわたし特有の「造形( かたち)」とは。また、それを追体験する観る人の「視線( まなざし)」の向こうに見えるカタチとは。

双方に( 再)発見されるものは、箕面という土地の魅力かもしれません。作家自身、または観る人自身の内側の美しさかもしれません。そしてお互いの、お互いによる再認識かもしれません。土地を実際に踏み、触ることではじめて見える世界と、そこに気づく観る者のちからをまた“美”として総合的に作品としました。