Touch the boundary

11-23 October 2014, Contemporary Art Gallery Zone (Osaka)

Is it true that the boundary does not exist at this gallery with a concept of “no boundaries between life and art”, which is opened to an ordinary market, Sakurai Ichiba? In the Contemporary Art Gallery Zone, in which one of the walls is literally removed and opend to the public, I actually touched the space to search for the boundary, and saw what I w ould find beyond it. I painted the scenes of Sakurai Ichiba with the tracks of my physical action. The colours as the hint for what I see are the colours collected by myself from the market. You may feel that you cannot find any detailed explanations on the walls, mostly covered with white. However, I w ould like you to watch the record of my action on the screens, and to appreciate this installation referring to your memory, imagination and imagery by walking on the boundaries. Going back and forth, how does this shaky boundary make you feel?


“「市場」という日常的な空間の中”に開かれた”境界線の無い”ギャラリーに、境界線はほんとうに存在しないのか。市場に面した一面が、文字通り“開かれた”ギャラリーZone。その空間を実際に触り(=Touch)境界(the boundary)を探ります。そしてその向こうにあるものは——?