Project 1

Phase 1

I am drawn to go to see the horizon many times over, and often paint it in my paintings. I think I am seeking the salvation in the horizon. Waves roar and clouds run fast now and then, however, it becomes silent when each of these comes close to each other. There is nothing disturbing my heart there, and I am able to be alone.


I chose to use acrylics on raw canvas, because it seems to be able to lighten stress when I see the paint soak into canvas. As a result, I feel I am relieved from my worries and uneasiness. This is because I can escape from thinking about everything except painting. Blue often appears in my paintings, because it has the connotations of trust, cleanliness and peace, as generally accepted in colour theory.


Looking into the horizon time and again is almost the same as looking into myself. The silence makes me see myself dispassionately, thus the completely horizontal line, which shows the balance and stability rather than stirring emotions, is necessary for my paintings. Someone said “… nature is always against us” and “knows no meaning, no pity, no sympathy”, but it seems rather a salvation for me to stay there, having no interests on me. Loneliness defines myself, and I am making my art as I live my life.