Styling Art Exhibition “Esprit Dandyism”, Hankyu Men’s Osaka

Solo exhibition planned by Hankyu Men’s Osaka has started today on the 3rd floor at their department store. You’ll find works and video around the elevator hall and cafe, so please don’t miss it.

Styling Art Exhibition “Esprit Dandyism”
lasts until Tue. the 24th March.

個展として呼んでいただきました阪急メンズ大阪マンスリー企画、Styling Art Exhibition “Esprit Dandyism”、本日からはじまりました。作品とイントロダクションムービーが3階フロア各所に展示されていますので、お立ち寄りの際はぜひご高覧ください。~24日(水)まで

Hankyu Men’s Osaka BLOG

Styling Art Exhibition “Esprit Dandyism”, 2015, Miki Wanibuchi, わにぶちみき


Seems to have a connection with the day of 11th.
Days look going ordinarily, while people walk briskly.
However, I believe every one remember the day,
feel and think something about past and future,
and I will never forget… #prayforjapan.


忘れていないよ、 #prayforjapan