HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 : Miki Wanibuchi

My role model said that you can choose one way to set your objectives for the future: “Choose one Chinese character for the new year”.We have the newer custom at the end of a year to pick up one Chinese character that would explain the past year.

Last year’s was “税”, which means tax. It seems to be because of the tax increase from 5% to 8%. Many people might be worried about their managing lives…, however, it could be the greater way to pick the very best one up, and
to focus on making your future days productive to bring these days close to it.

For the year of 2014, the one of the Chinese characters for me was “愛” – love. I think I had learnt how to be loved,
to love the others, and to love myself.

For the new year of 2015, the word “金” – gold/money – flashed on me. In a shiny year, I will work hard so that I can give myself a gold medal. Sense of reality and wight seem to be communicated from the glitter of gold I feel, and my goal for this year is to take it into my hands. If I, as a result, gain some money, it would be very nice as well.

Anyway, I would like to have conversations with you all this year too, so please feel free to come and see anytime anywhere through the year.

With warmest wishes for the new year x







2014年、わたしの今年の一字は 「愛」 でした。人に愛されること、それは人を愛すること、自分を愛すること。そんなことを学んでる一年だったな、と思います。

2015年、明日からの一字は… 「金」。「かね」と読んだあなた、そんなあなたも大好きです 笑。